Lock ‘N Load Brands is the homebase of various brands and service performance and is based in Muenster (Germany) since Feburay 2018.

Lock ‘N Load Brands is also the homebase of all partners, investors, etc. All existing brands and projects flow into the Lock’ N Load Brands and we start to develop new brands. Under this roof of Lock’ N Load Brands , we develop and manage various of activitis, e.g.
• Management / Administration.
• Central Marketing and Advertising Department.
• Central sales management for all marketing and projects.
• Brands with products and services.
• Sales Acquisition of North American and Israeli companies.
• Services (product and individual training and services in the field of public safety organizations.
• Projects and Event Management.
• Social Media Management / Influencers in the so-called Tactical Gear & Equipment, Infantry Equipment, Outdoor / EDC Market, Small Arms Section. There are brands (brands), which are introduced in the market or are currently in the introduction.