Centurio Design®, the light system specialist from Muenster (Münster) / Germany focus of outdoor / action sports and law enforcement light , is celebrating its anniversary. Our company was founded in 2005 under the name “Combat Systems”. Quickly we found our main product, our “Centurio Light’s” so from there we changed our whole company name from “Combat Systems” to “CenturioLight®” and then to “Centurio® Products Group” via “CenturioGroup®”, then “Centurio Design®”. The last change was made with the evolution into civilian business. With the new year 2015, we are now 10 years in business and will celebrate with various actions that we will announcing the upcoming months. Centurio Design® is always working in other ways than other companies or competitors. Usually, companies go from the civilian sector into the law enforcement- or defense market. In our case, Centurio Design® is exactly the opposite. Centurio Design® has managed to place it’s quality products in various civilian markets, such as in motor sports, outdoor sports and martial arts. In all three areas, we have begun to rebuild existing products or have developed new products for these markets. We are pleased with this and the many other changes from 2014 to successfully look into the future.

Why did we choose the name Centurio®? We searched for a name which reflects the origin and meaning of our company. A Centurio was a rank in the ancient Roman Army. This army was known for its forward planning, including its attention to detail, related to strategy and organization. We chose our name to reflect this ideal. We are extremely proud of the name because we feel it encompasses the spirit of Europe within our Company. We, as a European based Company, embrace the lifestyle of the European Union. We have Company members from other areas of the world as we expand to encompass many nations and all new members accept and adopt to the E.U. ideals we strive to maintain. Read more at in English at: www.CenturioDesign.com or in German: