Warrior Water was created by a group of soldiers. While performing in various missions around the world, these soldiers often consumed a lot of coffee and energy drinks. From a health point of view, these were not optimal. They tried various alternatives and found that most were not ideal. They needed water to stay refreshed, hydrated and to feel good overall. The water based sports power drinks that they tried had several problems. Often times, the water did not taste fresh and caused stomach issues, and the water contained large amounts of sugar or fructose.

Years later, they never forgot their idea. In late 2018, they were finally able to put their plan in to action! They shared their idea with a friend who owns a chemical factory and could produce liquid based products. Warrior Water was born! 

What is good for the soldiers can not be bad for extreme sports athletes?

What is good for the soldiers can not be bad for extreme sports athletes? Of course NOT. The physical strain of a soldier in real combat actions, equates to the same physical strain of an athlete or easing the stress of a manager in the office. If you  stress out your body and contrast, if  sugary products is deprived of the necessary water, stress can seriously damage both body and soul. The immune system suffers, the risk for diseases of the cardiovascular system increases and the probability of mental illness is increasing. 

Today, Warrior Water is a brand managed by various owners, one of which is Lock ‘N Load Brands

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